Sponsor Spotlight: Thank You to Our Silver Sponsors

We want to thank all of our Silver sponsors!

We couldn’t offer an amazing WordCamp experience without our wonderful sponsors. The contributions of our sponsors help to offset the large expenses involved with organizing an event. Their generosity and support make it possible to bring the publishing community together for three days of learning, collaboration and fun.


GoDaddy Pro is a free membership program for web developers, designers & agencies. It offers exclusive tools to help onboard, manage and maintain multiple clients and their sites fast and easy. With GoDaddy Pro tools, you can easily shop for your client, monitor their sites, and manage their products from a single dashboard. Additionally, your membership includes advanced 24/7 technical support and rewards for recommending GoDaddy to your clients.

You can use GoDaddy Pro with all of GoDaddy’s newly refreshed hosting products, including Managed WordPress, cPanel shared hosting, our brand new cloud product, and our virtual and dedicated solutions.

And, always get the best price on GoDaddy products with your “30% off list price” member benefit.

Learn more about GoDaddy Pro.


ZEEN101 helps news and magazine publishers attract and retain subscribers with their WordPress plugins and app platform. Their products include:

Leaky Paywall provides full article visibility in Google search, the ability to truly share any article in social media… and lets the reader choose which articles to read for free before they are required to subscribe.

The IssueM issue publishing toolkit is designed to deliver live web articles, organized by issue, to also attract Google search traffic and motivate social sharing.

The UniPress app platform integrates with WordPress posts, IssueM issues and Leaky Paywall for a 1 dashboard workflow. Publish once in WordPress and your apps are automatically updated.

Their Anvil platform handles all the tech and ties it all together… offering publishers consulting, development, and complete site support.


Shifter is a full-service WordPress hosting solution that brings serverless architecture the world’s most popular CMS. It transforms WordPress to static so you can create secure sites that scale and end downtime.

This approach allows users to continue using the tools they are most familiar with, while tapping into the latest deployment options available.

Extreme speed with HTTP/2

Generate WordPress to static HTML files with Shifter and deliver them at lightning speed without bottlenecks.

Durability with Global CDN

Create sites that won’t fail or slow down from increased traffic anywhere are in the world.

Safe and Secure with SSL Included

Publish in our secure on-demand environment without sweating the security holes or outdated versions of WordPress.

Maintenance-free with Serverless Architecture

End downtime with our unique approach to hosting and publish all your content at once or only when it’s ready.



Pagely – WordPress Managed Hosting Solution

Pagely established the first ever WordPress managed hosting solution in 2009. Today, Pagely leads the market in innovation, speed, scalability, and security of WordPress. Pagely is revenue-funded, profitable, and entirely distributed. Pagely believes that business is personal – by fostering every customer/coworker relationship with the golden rule in mind, we grow both personally and professionally.

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